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Furry Friendzy Animal Rescue and Wildlife Rehabilitation was incorporated July 2004 and received our 501(c)3 non profit status from the IRS on 1/19/2006. Texas State Parks and Wildlife in May 2005 granted our permit as a Wildlife Rehabilitor. Our mission is to act as a shepherd for animals in need of help…to care for and find loving homes for unwanted, abandoned, neglected and abused animals.  
The domestic animals are available for adoption through a strict screening process (application, a home visit, 3 referrals, vet referral) to their now “furever” home once they are ready and/or medically healed. The dogs/cats are altered, micro chipped, current on vaccines, and HW or FIV negative before being adopted. If the animals are not adoptable then they are what we call our sanctuary animals since they are not prime candidates for adoption.  
The wildlife animals are rehabilitated and then released back into their natural environment. We have arrangements with private land owners that do not allow any hunting or trapping on their land for the wildlife to be released when the animals are ready.

Affiliations with the following organizations: 

  • Texas Parks and Wildlife 
  • Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Coalition 
  • International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council  
  • National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association  
  • National Opossum Society  
  • Southern States Rottweiler Rescue  
  • Greater Southwest Saint Bernard Rescue  
  • City of Plano Animal Advisory Board

Our animals come to us from various sources: Child Protective Services, Animal Emergency Clinics, veterinarians, various animal shelters and the public. Nova is a "second chance" story which began when the Humane Society removed a 7 year old Saint Bernard from the family that had neglected her and had left her for dead. Nova was brought to us and spent the first 3 days at the veterinarian’s office receiving specialized care. She was dehydrated, malnourished (weighed 84 lbs-normal weight for this breed is 150-200lbs), had no hair other than on her head and a little down the spine of her back due to sarcoptic mange, her skin in places was like an elephants and the hair was likely to never regrow in those spots, she had not been altered, was heartworm positive, had an eye infection, and was full of internal parasites. One year later she was a healthy and beautiful dog no doubt like she had been before the neglect.

Nova-Saint Bernard 7years old that was left for dead, Sarcoptic Mange, malnourished, 50lbs underweight, Heartworm positive, eye infection, internal parasites and not spayed.
Nova-Saint Bernard - 7years old

Nova-Saint Bernard fully recovered one year later.
Nova-Saint Bernard - One year later

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